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 What do you think of the way I RP? All feedback is very much appreciated! Comment screening is on, by the way.
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Hi, this is Hiro. I'm not available right now, but if you leave me a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Do you want a quick thread with Hiro? Then feel free to post here! Be sure to let me know what kind of post it is, though- action, voice, or text. Put that in the subject line, please.
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Hello everyone,

If you find this letter, it means that I am headed home to make my big decision. I just really wanted to thank you all for being my friends before I left. I had a good time here, and I'm almost kind of sad to go. I wish you all good luck here.

Kouki, I would especially like to thank you for being my friend and letting me live with you. It's been a great several months living with you. If you find this letter first, which you probably will, please let the others know I've gone. If you see Atsuro again, tell him I say hi, too.

This is it. Goodbye, everyone.

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[A commotion meant that something big was going down in Luceti- Hiro knew that much. When he stepped outside, he wasn't terribly surprised to find that the commotion was people- New Feather clusters always caused a little bit of a kerfluffle- but these people didn't have wings. What was up with that? Ever the adventurous one, Hiro headed in the direction of the crowd to investigate.]

Hey, guys, what's going on?
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Hey, everybody! It's Hiro again. How have you all been? Are you getting used to the cold? I'm glad I have my jacket right now, that's for sure.

There's this holiday coming up... I'm sure most of you have heard of it by now, but for those who haven't... it's called Thanksgiving! It's when everyone cooks a lot of food to celebrate things that they're thankful for. At least, that's what I think it's about. We don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan, but I've heard of it.

[Okay, he doesn't quite have the strongest grip on what exactly the holiday's about, but that's beside the point.]

Maybe I just haven't been looking through my journal enough, but I've got a question for you guys. Is there going to be any village-wide event celebrating Thanksgiving, or is everyone just doing their own little things?

Oh, and another question for all of you. What traditions do you have around this time of year, if any? I'm not just talking about in Luceti- I'm talking about at home too. Do some of you have harvest festivals or anything like that? I'm just curious about what most of you do around this time of year, when it starts getting cold out.
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[An unusually tense Hiro can be found in the Battledome today, practicing his techniques (which basically boil down to how fast he can push buttons on his cell phone because he's more of a mage-type, but of course there's a bit more to it than that) and getting his battle on. He leaves a voice message:]

If anyone wants to see or talk to me today, I'll be in the Battledome. I need to do a bit of training. I kind of woke up on the wrong side of the bed today... sorry, guys. I'll be checking my messages in between battles, though, so there's that.

[Like he said, he'll be checking his voice messages in between battles. Also, if you want to actually go bother him at the Battledome, go right ahead.]
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[A noticeably somber-sounding Hiro leaves a message for Luceti...]

Hey, guys. Are the Kin'corans keeping you all busy? Just a little while ago, something interesting happened to me. I thought I saw someone familiar among the Kin'corans, and then this person approached me. It turned out that someone I saved from demons had been living in Kin'cora for about a month now. He warned me that the Kin'corans didn't trust people from Luceti at all, and then he thanked me for saving him before leaving. I can't believe I saved him just for him to end up there... I just hope he had some semblance of a normal life before the place was attacked. I can't say for sure how normal his life would have been at home.

Have any of you seen anyone familiar among the new people? And why do you think they distrust us so much...? Is it really just because we're "treated better?"
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Hey guys! Hiro here with a quick announcement.

The date's July 12th, right? Well, that means one thing... it's my birthday! As of this day, I'm 19 years old! Damn... before I got brought to Luceti, I didn't even think I'd make it to this day because of all the stuff that was going on in my world. Hey, when I get sent back to my world, will I be 18 again, or will I still be 19?

I'm sorry I didn't give you guys more notice. I've been a little distracted these days. Well, maybe we can plan for a bigger celebration later, huh? Yeah! That sounds like a great idea! Help me plan my late birthday party, guys! But for now, I'm perfectly fine with just birthday wishes. See you guys around!
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[A very tired-sounding Hiro leaves a message for Luceti this morning.]

Hey, everyone. How are you all doing? I'm guessing everyone's still tired from the draft or from whatever the village was put through. I know I'm exhausted... Haha, I guess I overdid it while I was on the draft. Anyway, can someone tell me what happened to Luceti while I was gone? This place is a mess... It seems like it did more than just rain here. My apartment seems to be fine, thank god, but it seems the rest of you weren't so lucky. I'll come out and help you guys soon, I promise. I'm just really sore right now...

Oh, aside from that, I have another set of questions for you guys. Something happened to me when I was out fighting, and it got me thinking about the choice I have to make when I get home. This is all kind of hypothetical and philosophical, so please bear with me. So, let's say a world has been heavily damaged by demons and aliens, and a void threatens to consume it all. Several things can happen when this world is restored. It can turn into a meritocracy, into a society where everyone is completely equal and helps each other, it can be reset to the way it was before the catatstrophes, or it can be reset into a completely new world. Which fate would you pick for this world, and why? Every response helps me, so thanks in advance.
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[A very groggy Hiro wakes up with absolutely no memory of what had happened over the past several days. He has no idea that he spent the past several days as an alternate universe version of himself, though he did find one clue that something strange happened...]

Ugh... hey, everybody. It's Hiro. Something weird must have happened during the experiment we all went through, because I went to sleep on one day, and now I'm waking up several days later. Does anyone know what I did over the past few days? I don't remember anything...

Well, I did find something. Somehow, some woman got her hands on my journal, and she recorded a voice entry asking about Yamato, who's someone from my world. Can anyone explain that?
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[Someone different from Hiro is waking up in his room today. Meet Chihiro Kageyama, a woman who established a meritocracy in her world before being brought to Luceti. She has most of Hiro's memories of being in Luceti, but her memory seems to be a tad foggy today, given what she does upon waking up. She pushes the record button on her journal and records a short message before stopping it.]

Hello... do any of you know where Yamato is? He was here with me when I went to bed, but he's not here now.

[So begins confusion in the morning. As a side note, she now looks like this: 25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4m6s2SlEC1qjv0reo1_500.jpg]
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[Posted in event thread, but also posted here for reference/for the sake of crossposting/because I felt like it? Eh.]

[Hiro woke up this morning to a radical discovery: he could make magical sparkles appear with a thought! Better yet, he recognizes these sparkles as the healing sparkles of the Dia series of spells, and he doesn't even need his phone to use them! This discovery has given him an idea... he has currently parked himself somewhere in town at a stand he made with a sign he says "Healing for Hire- 25 Gold." The price is a bit of a joke- he doesn't actually expect anyone to pay. He just hopes that people might come by to investigate and help him figure out what happened, if not to partake of his new services per se.]
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[After some fumbling around with registering at the Welcome Center, Hiro was finally ready to move in with his new friends. It wasn't quite as much hassle as he thought, considering he had no real belongings to bring into his new home.]

Hey, guys! Are you home? I'm here!
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[Hiro, upon waking up on the outskirts of Luceti's town, sits up with a start, accidentally smacking the record button on his (open) journal. The following can be heard...]

What happened? Where's Daichi? ...Where's my shirt and my jacket- oh, here they are! Why are there holes in the back? ...My back! There's THINGS on them! Oh my god- OW! They don't come off! Wait, my shirt fits over the things- hey, they're thing-holes! Huh... hey, I can move the things! They're like... wings! And the thing-holes are wing-holes! WAIT, this means I have wings! But how? Wait, where's my cell phone? Crap! I can't defend myself against demons without my cell phone... Gotta find my cell phooooone! ...Hey, wait, what's this?

[Some fumbling sounds are heard, and the recording abruptly ends.]
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